Granite is a deep igneous rock, formed by cooling and solidifying glowing magma in the interior of the earth. Granite is an eruptive rock with between 20% and 60% quartz by volume. Granite is heavy, heat-resistant and extremely easy to clean. The most popular use of granite is for kitchen worktops as well as for surfaces that suffer from high loads and temperature differences. Granite is the right choice for fans of modern interiors, who want to enrich the space with natural materials.

Africa Red

Baltic Brown

Bengal Black

Black Galaxy

Chida White

New Crystal

Ivory Brown

Jet Black

Juparana India

Juparana Colombo

Labrador Blue Pearl

Emerald Pearl

Madura Gold


Multicolor Red

Paradiso Bash

Paradiso Classic

Raw Silk

Rosa Beta

Rosa Porino

Tiger Skin

Verde Maritaka

Viscount White

White Forest