How to choose the right material for your project ?

Natural stone is one of those materials that has remained a trend in construction for centuries. Even today, in modern architecture, it leaves the very impression of luxury. Every natural stone has its advantages and disadvantages. Marble that is well proven to be used in wall cladding does not necessarily mean that it will also perform well on some other type of kitchen worktop. That is why it is important to choose the right stone that best fits the space both aesthetically and for convenience.

Convenience of natural stone
When laying out it is very important to take into account that the stone will be exposed to various weather conditions, so it is necessary to choose a solid material for such application. The stone behaves differently depending on the environment itself.

Granite is a great choice for outdoor uses a lot for kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, floors that are exposed to various weather conditions and the like.
Granite is naturally very strong and durable and continues to be one of the most durable options for kitchens as well as exterior elements. The natural composition of the granite itself gives it resistance to heat and scratches. Its vibrant colors combined with the pattern itself give it a very rich and beautiful appearance.

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Marble is a very popular material and is used for indoor floors, fireplaces, wall cladding, marble furniture as well as for some kitchen countertops depending on the type of marble.
By installing marble, you instantly get a luxurious look. With its beauty and natural patterns it covers virtually all the mistakes that have been made during the rough construction of the space.

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Travertino is often used for facades, interior floors as well as exterior applications.
The use of travertine gives you an ancient look that has always been very popular and widely used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fasade i zidovi, Mermeri i Graniti Ilić

Onyx is used if you want to add an exclusive addition to your space.
Onyx furniture as well as its use for pillar or wall cladding can have a great effect.
Onyx is translucent and delicate in color. It is usually polished in high gloss and looks very impressive.

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